O2O Summit - Digital Sales and Marketing for Offline Business


Has COVID-19 impacted your sales?

For the past couple of months, COVID-19 has greatly impacted many small and medium sized businesses out there.

Many business owners & entrepreneurs were not enabled to quickly do the switch from offline to getting customers online.

O2O Summit is a virtual event with over 100 hours worth of content & practical how-to by people that have actually done it before.

This event has a No Fake Guru policy and our speakers need to have actual track records for selling and marketing online. The presenters will be covering from key concepts and ideas to practical step by step how to get started. There will be NO up-selling, side selling to any masterclass, mastermind group by us.

We want to make sure the presenters invited are business owners, founders, entrepreneurs, marketeers and platform operators that are willing to expose the real secrets on building a successful business online.

If you are getting started or have started your journey of selling and marketing online, this is the virtual event that will help you transform your 2020 to selling only offline to selling online.


  • Mike Chu, Founder PTT Outdoor
  • Nina Sharil Khan, Founder and Chief Unicorn PopCon
  • Lily Sim, Founder, Yolopacer
  • Christopher Tock,
  • and more to come

    Here are some questions our speaking will be answering.

  • How can my business start selling online?
  • How can I get new customers without spending money?
  • How to build an effective sales funnel?
  • What tools/software should I use?
  • Do I need a big follower count to start selling online?
  • Which platform to start and how to get started ?
  • What are some consumer trends that have shifted because of COVID19 and will it be permanent or things will be as normal?
  • What will be the next trends in selling online?
  • If you are selling online, how can you take your business global?
  • How to engage with influencers and KOL?
  • How to collect money online? Which payment gateway to use?
  • What are the funding / grants available that my business can apply?

We will also be highlighting case studies from various business owners and entrepreneurs on how they survive and thrive during MCO

  • How does a restaurant adapt to surviving on online ordering and delivery.
  • How does one person created a business selling ikan bills during MCO.
  • How does a person promoted his mum's home cooked meal to sell RM1000 per day.
  • How did an entrepreneur build a purely online brand.
  • What are SME and businesses doing around the region to adapt to the new normal
  • How to get quick ranking on the search engine.

What will I be getting for my tickets?

  • Watching the session live.
  • 1 year access to recorded talks and workshop
  • 1 year access to support group.
  • Free credits, tools and service worth over RM 300 to help you sell and market your business online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will this event be live?
Yes but it will be archived and ticket holders can watch it anytime for 1 years.

Who are the presenters?
These people are either just starting out themselves and sharing what they have done right or wrong or they have been selling and marketing online successfully. We will be adding to the list soon.

Who should attend this event?
Business owners who wants to start selling and marketing online
Entrepreneurs and business owners with an online presence that want to improve their sales and marketing online.
Teams that is helping their organization transistion from offline to online.

Why is this event so long?
We understand spending a couple of days at virtual event can be very tiring and we have a number of presenters to fit in. Since it is virtual, we decided to spread out the event over the course of a couple of weeks where you can hop in to sessions that are important to you and watch other sessions on demand.

What is with the different ticket tiers?
Easy, buy early, you get cheaper. You will get the same access to everything at each ticket tier. Please do not pay us more money unless you want to buy me a fancy meal.

What is a fake guru?
This is going to be hard to define as there is no "formal" defination but here are our thoughts.

We want speakers have a proven, track record, not all our speakers will be "experts" as they are entrepreneurs and business people like yourself and they may be sharing with you some of lesson learnt or their failures and what to do. In short, our speakers do not make majority of revenue by getting the public to sign up for their courses, bootcamp, mastermind group while promising them easy and quick money selling online.

These speakers run other businesses, ecommerce, works for some of these businesses, have consulting companies etc. We are not going to lie to you, selling and marketing online is hard work, non of them will promise you a magic secret shortcut that enables you to drive a Lambo in your pyjamas in a short period of time. A lot of times, fake gurus drives lambo because once you join, they will upsell you join their mastermind classes which will cost you in the tens of thousands. More often than not, they will spend more than 50% of the time you sign up for their class to upsell you to a masterclass, and then to upsell you over and over again. We have known people get into serious debt borrowing money just to attend the workshops and mastersclass in the hope of stricking it rich.

If you are looking for shortcuts and not real practicals how-to, this is not the event for you.

Please refer Coffeezila's video on this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttIoqbyZVT0

We will also be constantly adding new content over the year to give you the latest trends, tips and how-tos for your online business success.

We will be publishing a calendar on when are these sessions.

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Aug 5 - Sep 30, 2020
[ Wed ] - [ Wed ]
3:00 PM - 12:00 PM MYT
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